TEAM tB Tsubosaca

Privacy policy

According to the privacy policy below, Tsubosaca (hereinafter, referred as “we” ) shall appropriately protect customers' personal information which was obtained in our business activities, always staying keenly aware that personal information is valuable for its holder.

●Principle of Compliance with the laws and regulations related to personal information
In handling personal information, we shall comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information as well as other relevant laws, regulations, guidelines and other instructions provided by the competent authorities.
●Principle of Obtainment
We shall obtain personal information by legally allowed and fair means.
●Principle of Use of Personal Information
We shall limit use of personal information in our custody to within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use which we stated when we obtained it.In some cases, we entrust the handling of personal information to some related organizations or a third party.We shall strive to protect personal information by carefully choosing the contractors, by ensuring they appropriately handle it accordance with the written contract and by sometimes inspecting their practice.
●Principle of Provision and Disclosure of Personal Information
Except in the case that we share it with the related organizations or provide it to our business contractors, we will not provide or disclose personal information to third parties:
  1. When mandated by laws;
  2. In need of protection of a human life or properties;
  3. In requirement by public organizations such as police departments and courts.
●Principle of Sharing of Personal Information
In case of sharing personal information in our custody with related organizations, we, in advance, will notify the customer or state on our homepage about the range of co-users, the items to share, the purposes of use of such information and so on.
●Principle of Management of Personal Information
We shall maintain personal information accurately as received and keep it safe.To prevent loss, destruction, falsification, leakage of personal information or other problems, we shall take information security measures against unauthorized access, computer virus and other cyber attacks, and properly manage personal information.
●About Processing of Personal Information
In cases, we will aggregate customers' information, analyze it, and process it into a statistical source where no specific person can be identified. Such source will be shared with our group companies within the scope of the business objectives or provided to administrative organizations or other related ones.
●Principle of Disclosure, Correction, or Deletion of Personal Information in Custody
We shall respond in a reasonable scope to customers' requests for disclosure, correction, or deletion of their own personal information in our custody.If you have any questions, please contact our staff in charge of our Privacy Policy.
●Principle of Maintenance and Improvement of Personal Information Protection
We shall strive to comply with the laws and regulations applied as for personal information and to continually improve the practice of personal information protection.